How To Create A User Profile For VDarts Electronic Dartboards

Want to challenge player's from across the world? You can with VDarts Global Match feature, but first you'll need to set up your user profile. Here's how!

Stage 1:

Click "Member Login" on the main menu, then hit the "Register" button.

VDarts Member Login Page

Stage 2:

Enter your details

Vdarts Enter Personal Details

Stage 3:

Enter your own unique Account Number, you can make up your own Account Number, it must consist of both letters and numbers, such as VDartsIsCool123.

 Then enter your desired password and Nickname.

Enter Account Number Page

Stage 4

Now you can login! Simply enter the Account Number you created and your password.

 Enter Account Number Page

Now you're all set! Happy playing!

Click here to download the instructions: User Profile Instructions




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